Speech and Language Evaluations

Whether your child is a toddler, preschooler, elementary age, or high schooler, we can evaluate their speech and/or language skills.  We also see adults with voice or fluency issues.

Speech and Language Therapy

Success in therapy is largely due to relationships.  Whether a play model or table time is the best approach for your child, we are comfortable with a variety of approaches inclusing P.R.O.M.P.T., Floortime, Myofunctional and oro-motor therapy.

Speech and Language Screenings

Free individual speech and language screenings at your child's nursery school are a good way to start the process of exploring a potential need for intervention.

Social Pragmatic Therapy

Social interaction does not come naturally for all children.  Facilitated social groups, using Social Thinking and Theory of Mind, are an excellent way to gradually expose your child to the wonders and challenges of social interaction.  Call us today for a brief interview.  

Fast ForWord

Computer based digital technology enables each child to work one on one to develop the auditory processing and pre-reading or reading skills they need.

Summer Literacy Program

Custom designed to meet your child's needs, this program combines Fast ForWord or Reading Assistant with traditionaland technology activities to remediate phonics, reading, inference, reading comprehension, written language and listening skills.