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We have a Social Group for your child!

Learn how to initiate play!  Learn what to say! 
Learn what not to say!  Learn to read those social cues! 
Learn about humor, sarcasm, innuendo!
Learn to decide who your friends really are! 
Learn about flexibility!
Learn about alternative ways to handle a situation!
Learn to monitor your behavior and other's reactions to you!

We use a small group setting in a play environment to elicit appropriate social behaviors

Kids Talk Groups form throughout the year
4-5 year olds, 6-7 year olds, 8-9 year olds, 10+
Children are grouped by age and abilities after a short face-to-face consultation at no charge.

Difference between Articulation and Phonological Disorders

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (2008) provides the following definitions:

Articulation disorder- problems producing specific age-expected speech sounds. Sounds can be distorted, deleted or added (e.g., yes may be pronounced yeth if the child has problems articulating the sound /s/). The underlying cause of an articulation disorders is in the motor movements required for accurate sound production, but those difficulties may be functional (intact mechanism, no neurological damage) or organic (mechanism challenged in some way and/or neurological damage).  

Phonological process disorder- patterns of error of sound use in a child’s speech and language repertoire. The underlying difficulty relates to the rules of language that govern the sound system. Variant rules may be seen in a limited number of sounds in the child’s inventory, problems with sound combinations and syllable shapes, and/or difficulties in pronouncing linguistic markers such as plural and past tense markers.

Examples of possible patterns of error a child with phonological process disorder may display:

Weak Syllable deletion

Puter for computer

Final consonant deletion

Daw for dog


Buhbuh for bubbles

Cluster reduction

Top for stop


Tee for tree, do for zoo, two for shoe


Tat for cat


Wing for ring


Hop for top


Communication Therapy Center
was established in 1980 by Director, Janet M. Krebs, and has continued to evolve over three decades.

Our reputation has been built and maintained over the years by providing support services beyond what is normally offered.

Being an advocate for your child or yourself is not always an easy job. We have made it our job to assist you in your advocacy by helping you to develop appropriate programming.

Our relationships extend into the community and involve physicians, other health related professionals; public and private elementary, secondary, and pre-schools.